Draft guidance for proponents – Stakeholder engagement

Opened 11 Dec 2018

Closed 22 Feb 2019

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The Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority (NT EPA) invited the public, community and industry to provide comment and feedback on the draft Guidance for Proponents – Stakeholder Engagement.

Meaningful engagement by proponents with the community and stakeholders is fundamental to conducting an open, transparent and robust environmental impact assessment.  Stakeholder engagement aims to ensure affected stakeholders gain an understanding of the impacts of the proposal, the proposed mitigation measures and benefits and have an opportunity to communicate their concerns with the proponent.  Taking a proactive approach to early stakeholder engagement improves participation, reduces potential conflicts and ultimately can deliver better environmental and social outcomes.

The draft Guidance ensures there is an understanding by proponents on the NT EPA’s expectations for how effective stakeholder engagement is conducted and demonstrated for proposals subject to environmental impact assessment.

The NT EPA received six submissions from interested community organisations and individuals. The guideline was amended taking this feedback into consideration.

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