Draft guideline for reporting environmental monitoring

Opened 11 Dec 2015

Closed 29 Jan 2016

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The Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority (NT EPA) invited the public, community and industry to provide comment and feedback on the draft Guideline for Reporting on Environmental Monitoring.

The NT EPA receives environmental monitoring reports for a variety of reasons, including:

  • voluntarily submission by stakeholders for reference or review
  • in association with special projects the NT EPA is involved with
  • referrals from other government agencies, or
  • in accordance with Northern Territory or Commonwealth legislation

The Draft Guideline has been developed to outline the NT EPA’s requirements for the environmental monitoring reports it receives. It is intended that the draft Guideline will replace the ‘Guidelines for Consultants Reporting on Environmental Issues’ which is currently on the NT EPA website.

What happens next

The Draft Guideline will be amended to take into consideration comments received during the comment period. A final version of the Guideline will be issued in due course.

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