Environmental Guidelines

Opened 31 May 2013

Closed 15 July 2013

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The NT EPA invited the public, community and industry to provide comment and feedback on a number of draft guidelines related to implementation of the Environmental Assessment Act 1982 and the Waste Management and Pollution Control Act 1998.

What happens next

The draft guidelines will be amended to take into consideration comments received during the comment period. Final versions of the guidelines will be issued in due course.


Current documents


Submissions received

  1. Charles Darwin University PDF (38.8 KB)
  2. Department of Arts and Museums PDF (624.7 KB)
  3. Department of Infrastructure PDF (617.8 KB)
  4. Department of Local Government PDF (4.5 MB)
  5. Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries PDF (130.8 KB)
  6. Environment Centre NT PDF (3.0 MB)
  7. Environmental Defenders Office PDF (946.2 KB)
  8. GHD - Rachael Groom PDF (40.2 KB)
  9. GHD - Catherine Whitehead PDF (41.8 KB)
  10. Housing Industry Association PDF (42.0 KB)
  11. Inpex PDF (116.0 KB)
  12. Mining Explorations Companies PDF (3.1 MB)
  13. Northern Land Council PDF (785.8 KB)
  14. City of Palmerston PDF (51.0 KB)
  15. Plan Action Network PDF (61.3 KB)
  16. Power and Water Corporation PDF (226.8 KB)
  17. SEWPaC PDF (3.4 MB)
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