Fountain Head Gold Project

Opened 9 June 2021

Closed 6 Aug 2021



PNX Metals Limited (PNX) proposes to recommence mining of the Fountain Head open pit, which is situated on granted Mineral Leases north of the Mt Wells road between the towns of Pine Creek and Adelaide River, approximately 170 km south of Darwin. Ore will be mined using traditional drilling and blasting techniques and gold extracted using a carbon-in pulp process.

The project requires assessment at the level of an Environmental Impact Statement under the NT Environmental Assessment Act 1982 with transitional provisions from the Environment Protection Act 2019.

Statutory Notice (9 June 2021)

The NT EPA invites public comment on the Draft EIS for the Fountain Head Gold Project, proposed by PNX Limited. The Draft EIS may be inspected and obtained on the NT EPA website, or by contacting the NT EPA. Interested persons may make a submission by 11:59pm Friday 6 August 2021.

The NT EPA publishes this notice in accordance with clause 9 of the Environmental Assessment Administrative Procedures 1984 and section 296 of the Environment Protection Act 2019.

Why we are consulting

Your feedback plays an important role and will be considered by the NT EPA in deciding whether further information is required, and during the preparation of the Supplement for the proposal.

Consultation helps the NT EPA and proponent to identify issues of concern and potential effects, as well as get feedback from stakeholders on project options or potential mitigation measures. The NT EPA has prepared Guidance for Making a Public Submission that outlines when comments will be sought, how to make an effective comment and what will happen to your comment.

Refer to the environmental impact assessment register for more information about the Fountain Head Gold Project.

Current documents

Draft EIS Type
Declaration Form PDF 176.5 KB
Executive Summary PDF 2.9 MB
Table of Contents PDF 415.0 KB
Environmental Impact Statement main report PDF 23.5 MB
1 Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Assessment PDF 1.9 MB
2 Environmental Noise Assessment PDF 1.2 MB
3 Site Water and Solute Balance Modelling PDF 4.0 MB
4 Flood Assessment and Surface Water Management PDF 9.9 MB
5 Soil Infiltration and Solute Fate Assessment PDF 1.1 MB
6 Geochemical Characterisation of Waste Rock and Ore PDF 4.8 MB
7 Geochemical Characterisation of Fountain Head CIL Tailings PDF 475.1 KB
8 Hayes Creek Project Flora and Fauna Report PDF 6.0 MB
9 Aquatic Baseline Characterisation Report - Fountain Head and Hayes Creek Zinc, Gold and Silver Projects PDF 14.6 MB
10 Archaeological Assessment of PNX Metals Fountain Head Gold Project PDF 14.6 MB
11 Socio-Economic Impact Assessment Report PDF 8.2 MB
12 Traffic Impact Assessment PDF 1.4 MB
13 Traffic Management Plan PDF 1.7 MB
14 EIS Contributors PDF 128.6 KB
15 EIS Cross-reference PDF 237.1 KB
16 Water Management Plan PDF 17.4 MB
18 Mine Closure Plan PDF 3.2 MB
19 Water Quality Results Tables PDF 339.8 KB
20 Macroinvertebrate SIGNAL 2 Score Calculations PDF 113.8 KB
21 Stakeholder Engagement Plan PDF 1.2 MB
22 Commitments Register PDF 223.7 KB
23 Risk Register PDF 96.8 KB
24 Cultural Heritage Management Plan PDF 12.8 MB
25 Estimates of PAF Waste Rock Volumes at Fountain Head PDF 1.8 MB
26 Tailings Storage Facility Scoping Study PDF 6.7 MB
27 Fountain Head Evaporator Emissions Study PDF 1.9 MB
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