Guidance on Adaptive Management

Opened 19 Sep 2018

Closed 19 Oct 2018

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The NT EPA invited your comment and feedback on the draft Guidance on Adaptive Management.

Adaptive management is a systematic process for incrementally improving management practices by learning from the outcomes of past and current practices. It involves implementing evidence-based management actions; monitoring and evaluating the outcomes of these actions; and systematically adapting those actions according to what is learned. Fundamentally it aims to provide a framework for sound management and decision-making in the face of uncertainty.

Proponents and regulators are increasingly seeking to apply the concept of adaptive management to developments, such as mining projects.

The draft Guidance ensures there is a common understanding of what is meant by the concept of adaptive management, its key features and when an adaptive management approach may be considered by the NT EPA.

What happens next

The Guidance was amended taking into consideration comments received during the comment period.

A final version of the Guidance has been published.


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