Review of seabed mining in the NT – Environmental impacts and management

Opened 29 Sep 2020

Closes 9 Nov 2020

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The NT EPA has prepared its draft review and advice to the Northern Territory Government on environmental impacts and management of seabed mining in the Northern Territory.

This advice is provided in accordance with the terms of reference PDF (1.3 MB) provided by the NT Government.

The NT EPA invites comments on the draft review and advice during the submission period Monday 29 September to Monday 9 November 2020.

Why we are consulting

Your feedback plays an important role and will be considered by the NT EPA in finalising its independent advice about the actual or potential impacts of seabed mining and how these can be managed.

The NT EPA welcomes your thoughts on its draft Final Report.


Document titleBackground
Draft Report: Review of seabed mining in the Northern Territory – Environmental impact and management (2020) PDF (2.5 MB)  
Executive Summary - Key findings and conclusions PDF (55.3 KB)  
Frequently asked questions PDF (55.7 KB)  
Appendix 1: NT EPA terms of reference (2012) PDF (1.3 MB) Moratorium on exploration and mining in coastal waters of the Northern Territory until 2015, March 2012; and Letter from the Minister for Natural Resources, Environment and Heritage, May 2012.
Appendix 2: EPA interim report – Seabed mining in the Northern Territory (2012)
PDF (4.1 MB)
Prepared by the EPA, November 2012.
Appendix 3: Legal framework (2017)
PDF (591.3 KB)
Key context for international, national, and existing and potential NT legislation for seabed mining. Report to the NT EPA prepared by Environment Division, DENR with support from the Solicitor for the NT (SFNT), Department of Attorney-General and Justice (DAGJ), June 2017.
Appendix 4: Coastal and marine environments (2018)
PDF (14.5 MB)
Seabed Mining and coastal and marine environments of the Northern Territory. Report to the NT EPA prepared by Marine Ecosystems, Flora and Fauna Division, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, June 2018.
Appendix 5: Social and cultural impacts (2017) PDF (2.0 MB) The Social and Cultural Impacts of Seabed Mining in Northern Territory Coastal and Intertidal Waters. Report to the NT EPA prepared by TrueNorth Strategic Communications, September 2017.
Appendix 6: Underwater cultural heritage (2017) PDF (904.4 KB) Underwater Cultural Heritage and Seabed Mining and coastal in the Northern Territory with applicability to other marine industries. Report to the NT EPA prepared by Cosmos Archaeology Pty Ltd, June 2017.
Appendix 7: Seabed mining in the NT (2017) PDF (2.5 MB) Report to the NT EPA prepared by Advisian, WorleyParsons Group, December 2017.




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