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Report a Pollution problem or complaint

NT EPA Pollution Hotline 1800 064 567

Free call 24 hour service

In an emergency or life threatening situation, call 000.

Report Online

You can report your Pollution Problem or Complaint online via the NT EPA Pollution Reporting Online Form

Remain Anonymous

You can remain anonymous but the omission of contact information may limit the ability of the NT EPA to fully investigate the complaint/problem should additional follow up information be needed. It will also prevent us from reporting back to you on the results of any investigation.

What to report

In some cases, we may not be the appropriate agency to help you. Download our Factsheet or click here.

Report to the NT EPA

Reporting What How to Report It
Major pollution incidents that require urgent attention such as significant illegal dumping, marine and inland water oil spills, or fish kills. Please call Pollution Hotline now: 1800 064 567
Non-urgent environmental pollution problems and complaints such as construction noise affecting you in your home, offensive odours from industry, algal blooms, unreasonable dust, inadequate storage or handling of waste, and visible sheens or discolouration of water ways, contaminated sites etc.

Report via one of the following:
Online; or
Email:; or
Post: GPO Box 3675 Darwin NT 0801; or
Pollution Hotline: 1800 064 567.

Non – compliance reporting  for holders of Waste Discharge Licences, Environment Protection Licences and/or Environment Protection Approvals.

Pollution Hotline: 1800 064 567; or/and

Duty to notify under section 14 of the Waste Management and Pollution Control Act.

Pollution Hotline: 1800 064 567; or

Where to report other common issues

Common issues and concerns where NT EPA is not the appropriate responsible agency.
Download Factsheet

Issue or Concern Responsible Agency Contact Phone Contact Email or Website
Agriculture and veterinary chemicals - spray drift Department of Primary Industry and Resources      B/H 08 8999 2344
A/H 0448 762 595
Asbestos - human health issues Department of Health 1800 095 646 -
Asbestos - in the workplace NT WorkSafe 1800 019 115
Fish Kills Department of Primary Industry and Resources      1800 891 136 -
Food safety Department of Health 1800 095 646 -
Injured marine wildlife Department of Environment and Natural Resources      1800 453 941  
Litter on council land Local council Contact your local council  
Litter on Crown land Land Administration – Crown Land (08) 8999 6886  
Noise - civil/private aircraft Air Services Australia 1300 302 240
Noise - military aircraft Department of Defence 1300 333 362
Noise - barking dogs, birds Local councils Contact your local council Contact your local council
Noise - domestic arguments
non-life threatening
NT Police 131 444 -
Noise - excessive vehicle and motorcycle Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics      Contact a Transport
Inspector in your region
Noise - licensed venues and patron noise NT Licensing Commission 1800 193 111
Noise - party noise and anti-social behaviour NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services      131 444 -
Noise - vehicle and property alarms NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services 131 444 -
Poison Poisons Information Centre 13 11 26  
Sewage Power and Water Corporation 1800 245 090
Smoky motor vehicles Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics      Contact a Transport Inspector in your