Draft guidance for environmental factors: culture and heritage; and atmospheric processes

Opened 18 May 2022

Closed 13 July 2022

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The NT EPA has prepared draft guidance for the following environmental factors to assist proponents during an environmental impact assessment process under the Environment Protection Act 2019:

  • culture and heritage
  • atmospheric processes.

This guidance is part of a series of guidance documents that communicate the requirements of the environmental impact assessment process to proponents, stakeholders and the community.

The NT EPA invites comments on the draft guidance during the submission period Wednesday 18 May 2022 to Wednesday 13 July 2022.

Why we are consulting

Your feedback plays an important role in the development of guidance on the environmental impact assessment process in the Northern Territory.

We welcome your thoughts on our guidelines, plans and policies.



Submissions received on draft Culture and Heritage guidance Submitter Type
Submission CH-1 Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority PDF 515.6 KB
Submission CH-2 Central Land Council PDF 426.8 KB
Submission CH-3 Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade PDF 759.1 KB
Submission CH-4 EcOz Environmental Consultants PDF 179.4 KB
Submission CH-5 Environmental Defenders Office PDF 191.5 KB
Submission CH-6 Heritage Branch of the Department of Territory Families, Housing and Communities PDF 220.6 KB
Submission CH-7 Jane Munday PDF 878.3 KB
Submission CH-8 Jacqueline Arnold PDF 161.0 KB
Submission CH-9 Minerals Council of Australia PDF 314.4 KB
Submission CH-10 Northern Land Council PDF 372.9 KB
Submission CH-11 Ward Keller PDF 405.2 KB
Submissions received on draft Atmospheric Processes guidance Submitter Type
Submission AP1 Arid Lands Environment Centre PDF 379.7 KB
Submission AP2 Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC) PDF 274.3 KB
Submission AP3 Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association PDF 233.2 KB
Submission AP4 Current Environmental PDF 125.1 KB
Submission AP5 Darwin and NT Parents for Climate Action PDF 99.2 KB
Submission AP6 Department of Industry Tourism and Trade PDF 759.1 KB
Submission AP7 EcOz Environmental Consultants PDF 124.0 KB
Submission AP8 Environment Centre of the Northern Territory PDF 279.5 KB
Submission AP9 Jacqueline Arnold PDF 160.7 KB
Submission AP10 (identifying information removed) Lock the Gate Alliance PDF 170.0 KB
Submission AP11 Minerals Council of Australia (NT) PDF 271.0 KB
Submission AP12 Northern Land Council PDF 366.7 KB
Submission AP13 Northern Territory Police Fire and Emergency Services PDF 210.5 KB
Submission AP14 Ward Keller PDF 356.5 KB
Submission AP15 (not published) Submission withheld

Next steps

The NT EPA will consider the submissions received and update the guidance documents in consultation with the relevant stakeholders. Thank you for making a submission.

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