Draft guideline for noise nuisance from bird scaring devices

Opened 15 Sep 2015

Closed 9 Oct 2015

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The Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority (NT EPA) invites the public, community and industry to provide comment and feedback on the draft Guideline for Noise nuisance from bird scaring devices.

The draft guideline was developed in response to community concerns regarding noise impacts associated with the use of bird scaring devices (or gas guns). This draft guideline provides information on how to reduce the noise impacts from bird scaring devices on neighbouring properties and operating limits for bird scaring devices.

What happens next

The draft guideline will be amended to take into consideration comments received during the comment period. A final version of the guideline will be issued in due course.


Current documents


Submissions received

  1. Jack Ellis - Media Plus PDF (196.7 KB)
  2. Lock the Gate Alliance NT PDF (8.9 MB)
  3. Minerals Council of the NT PDF (633.0 KB)
  4. Northern Land Council PDF (408.4 KB)
  5. Rural Residents Rights Group PDF (287.7 KB)
  6. Environmental Defenders Office NT PDF (265.7 KB)
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