Environmental impact assessments register

The following projects are currently subject to environmental impact assessment under the Environment Protection Act 2019 or the Environmental Assessment Act 1982 (under transition arrangements).

There will be opportunity for public to comment on various stages in the assessment process. Documents open for comment are available in our consultation hub.

Project details
Proponent details
Australia-Asia Powerlink Project AAPowerlink Australia Assets Pty Ltd
Daly River Road Pyrolysis Plant Project Mr Anthony Gurr and Ms Bao Huang
Darwin Pipeline Duplication Project Santos Barossa Pty Ltd, Santos Offshore Pty Ltd and SK E&S Australia Ltd
Darwin Processing Facility TNG Limited
Darwin Ship Lift and Marine Industries Project Department of the Chief Minister and Cabinet
Fountain Head Gold Project PNX Metals Limited
Hayes Creek Project PNX Metals Limited
HMAS Coonawarra - Dredging and Dredged Material Management Department of Defence
Mandorah Marine Facilities Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics
Melville Island Road Upgrades Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics
Middle Arm Sustainable Development Precinct Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics
Rehabilitation of the Former Rum Jungle Mine Site Department of Primary Industry and Resources
Roper Valley Iron Ore Project Northern Territory Iron Ore Pty Ltd
Rustlers Roost and Quest 29 Open-Cut Mine Redevelopment Primary Gold Limited
Winchelsea Island Manganese Mine Project Winchelsea Mining Pty Ltd
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