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Media Release
NT EPA releases NT Noise Management Framework Guideline

04 Sep 2018

The NT Environment Protection Authority has today released the NT Noise Management Framework Guideline, following an extensive period of public consultation earlier this year.

The guideline is part of a regulatory framework aimed at addressing noise regulation matters and challenges in the Northern Territory.

The NT Noise Management Framework Guideline is the first time that comprehensive information about noise management has been collated into a single document for public use.

Noise pollution can be defined as unwanted noise that unreasonably intrudes on activities and can have negative impacts on the quality of life, health and amenity.

The NT EPA is a key noise regulator that sets standards, assesses, manages and regulates noise issues and resolves complaints under the provisions of the Waste Management and Pollution Control Act (WMPC Act).

However, the NT EPA is not the only Territory agency responsible for regulating noise, and the Guideline explains where primary responsibility for each noise issue sits.

The NT Noise Management Framework Guideline aims to:

  • provide greater certainty for businesses and the community in understanding how noise is regulated in the NT;
  • promote a clear understanding of ways to identify and minimise noise from the main noise sources in the NT and to provide advice and guidance on how noise regulatory requirements can be met in the NT;
  • encourage certain activities to be undertaken at particular times by setting benchmark levels for the main areas of noise generation in the NT;
  • establish a clear and consistent framework for assessing environmental noise impacts from industrial and commercial premises and industrial development proposals;
  • provide information on regulatory responses consistent with the level of harm generated; and
  • provide guidance to NT regulatory agencies in addressing noise matters.

The guideline also explains the types of noise not covered by the WMPC Act such as sirens from emergency vehicles, the spectrum of noise management options and how the ‘offensive noise test’ is applied by investigating officers.

Go to to download a copy of the new Noise Management Framework Guideline.

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