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NT EPA Releases draft General Guidance for Proponents Preparing an Environmental Impact Statement

05 Jul 2019

NTEPA is inviting the public to comment on the draft Guideline for Proponents Preparing an EIS.

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For Comment draft Terms Reference Hayes Creek

05 Jul 2019

draft Terms of Reference are Open for Public Comment for the Hayes Creek project.

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NT EPA recommends approval of Grants Lithium Project

21 Jun 2019

NT EPA has completed the environmental impact assessment of Grants Lithium Project.

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Guidance for Proponents - Stakeholder Engagement

31 May 2019

The NT EPA has released new guidance to assist proponents undertaking environmental impact assessments..

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AAQ NEPM variation consultation

28 May 2019

NEPC has released an impact statement and draft to the AAQ NEPM.

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Consultation for revised PFAS NEMP version 2.0

04 Mar 2019

PFAS National Environmental Management Plan Consultation is now open and closes 31 May 2019.

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