Territorians use approximately 40 million plastic bags each year, creating ugly litter in our streets, killing wildlife, depleting natural resources and increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Plastic Bag Ban commenced on 1 September 2011.

The ban means that Territory retailers cannot supply lightweight, "checkout" style plastic bags, including degradable bags.

There are a range of environmentally friendly options available from retailers, but you may be charged for them, or you can take your own bag to the shop.

Remember, please do not bag the retailers.

The following bags are not banned:

  • green bags (keep clean and re-use over 100 times)
  • biodegradable or compostable bags
  • heavy retail bags
  • paper bags
  • barrier bags for fruit and vegetables.

Remember, degradable bags (often marketed as biobags or biodegradable bags) are not the same as Australian Standard compliant biodegradable bags.

Only biodegradable (compostable) bags that comply with Australian Standard AS4736-2006 will be permitted.

Fines apply for retailers that sell or give away banned plastic bags.

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