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Environmental Assessments

The NT Environment Protection Authority is responsible for the implementation of the environmental assessment process in the Northern Territory.

The environmental assessment process is administered under the Northern Territory Environmental Assessment Act 1982 and its subordinate Environmental Assessment Administrative Procedures 1984. The Act and Procedures establish the framework for the assessment of potential or anticipated environmental impacts of development. The object of the Act is to ensure that matters affecting the environment to a significant extent are fully examined and taken into account in decisions by the Northern Territory Government.

The scale and complexity of a proposed development, and the significance of potential impacts will determine if assessment is at the level of Public Environmental Report or Environmental Impact Statement. In addition to assessing the potential impacts, the assessment process also evaluates the effectiveness of the proposed safeguards to mitigate these impacts and recommends actions to ensure the construction and operational phases of a project can be managed in an environmentally sound manner.

The environmental impact assessment process is described in the following guide.