Section 14 reported incidents

Section 14 pollution incidents reported

Section 14 incident reports are not confirmation of serious pollution events, rather they are notifications of pollution incidents that have potential to be more than trivial or negligible. These reports help keep us informed of all potential incidents across the NT and enable us to organise appropriate responses.

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Section 14 reported incidents – 2021

Company and incident Lot information
Power and Water Corporation (PWC)
Date - 7 January 2021
Report - Discharge of highly diluted sewerage from sewerage network due to wet weather/monsoonal conditions PDF (1.1 MB)
24 East Point Road, Fannie Bay
Discharge Point: 130.8376568E, -12.4342520S
Final discharge point: 130.8358461E, -12.4336630S (Vestey’s Lagoon)
GEMCO Mining Pty Ltd
Date: 31 December 2020 and 1 January 2021
Report: Overflow of stormwater from GEMCO Port Facility into Milner Bay PDF (284.4 KB)
GEMCO Port Facility, Groote Eylandt
NT Portion 1031
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