The Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority maintains a public register of projects that have undergone assessment in accordance with the Environmental Assessment Act 1982 or Environmental Protection Act 2019.

The following projects have completed an assessment process.

Go to our assessment in progress page to view projects that are currently subject to an environmental impact assessment under the Environmental Protection Act 2019 or the Environmental Assessment Act 1982 (under transition arrangements).

Project and proponent details Date completed
Melville Island Road Upgrades
Proponent/company: Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics
14 September 2022
Paru Road Upgrade
Proponent/company: Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics
8 June 2022
Finniss Lithium Project BP33 Underground Mine
Proponent/company: Core Lithium Ltd
8 April 2022
North One Hotel and Apartments
Proponent: KTT Investment Pty Ltd
7 December 2021
Project Caymus Bulk Fuel Storage Facility
Proponent/company: Crowley Australia Pty Ltd 
24 November 2021
Clearing of Native Vegetation on Ucharonidge Station
Proponent/company: Ucha Pty Ltd (Cleveland Agriculture)
4 November 2021
Jabiru Power Station
Proponent/company: Department of Chief Minister and Cabinet
7 June 2021
J Quarry Haul Road Realignment Project
Proponent/company: Groote Eylandt Mining Company Pty Ltd
22 December 2020
Union Reefs North Underground Mine
Proponent/company: NT Mining Operations Pty Ltd
26 June 2020
Toms Gully Underground Project
Proponent/company: Primary Gold Limited
21 February 2020
Jervois Base Metal Project
Proponent/company: KGL Resources Limited
30 September 2019
Grants Lithium Project
Proponent/company: Core Lithium Ltd
17 June 2019
Lee Point Master-planned Urban Development
Proponent/company: Defence Housing Australia
30 October 2018
Ammaroo Phosphate Project
Proponent/company: Verdant Minerals Ltd
1 October 2018
McArthur River Mine Overburden Management Project
Proponent/company: McArthur River Mining Pty Ltd
31 July 2018
Mount Peake Project
Proponent/company: TNG Ltd
19 January 2018
Nolans Project
Proponent/company: Arafura Resources Ltd
21 December 2017
Chandler Facility
Proponent/company: Tellus Holdings Ltd
30 November 2017
Noonamah Ridge Estate
Proponent/company: Intrapac Projects Pty Ltd
28 September 2017
Project Sea Dragon Core Breeding Centre and Broodstock Maturation Centre
Proponent/company: Project Sea Dragon Pty Ltd
27 March 2017
Project Sea Dragon Stage 1 Legune Growout Facility
Proponent/company: Project Sea Dragon Pty Ltd
15 March 2017
Northern Gas Pipeline
Proponent/company: Jemena Northern Gas Pipeline Pty Ltd
17 January 2017
Integrated Live Export Facility
Proponent/company: Wellard Rural Exports
11 March 2016
GEMCO Eastern Leases Project
Proponent/company: Groote Eylandt Mining Company (GEMCO)
29 February 2016
Mount Todd Gold Mine Project
Proponent/company: Vista Gold Australia Pty Ltd
30 June 2014
Sherwin Iron Ore Project
Proponent/company: Sherwin Iron Ltd
23 May 2014
Twin Bonanza Gold Project
Proponent/company: ABM Resources NL
14 May 2014
Katherine to Gove Gas Pipeline
Proponent/company: Pacific Aluminum: Alcan Gove Pty Ltd
October 2013
East Point Rising Main
Proponent/company: Power Water Corporation
December 2012
Proponent/company: Australian Ilmenite Resources
September 2012
Roper Bar Iron Ore
Proponent/company: Western Desert Resources
September 2012
McArthur River Mine - Phase 3
Proponent/company: McArthur River Mining
July 2012
Meat Processing Facility (Abattoir)
Proponent/company: Australian Agricultural Company Ltd
16 March 2012
East Arm Wharf Expansion Project
Proponent/company: Department of Land and Planning
December 2011
Olympic Dam Expansion, NT Transport Option
Proponent/company: BHP Billiton
September 2011
ICHTHYS Gas Field Development Project Blaydin Point
Proponent/company: INPEX Browse Ltd
May 2011
Redbank Copper Operations Expansion
Proponent/company: Redbank Copper Ltd
April 2010
Wonarah Phosphate Mine, Barkly Tableland NT
Proponent/company: Minemakers Australia Pty Ltd
April 2010
North Point and Princess Louise Open Cut Project
Proponent/company: Burnside Operations Pty Ltd
April 2008
Aircraft Landing Area at Andranangoo Creek West
Proponent/company: Matilda Minerals Ltd
November 2007
Molyhill Tungsten-Molybdenum Project
Proponent/company: Thorn Mining PLC
July 2007
Bonaparte Gas Pipeline - Wadeye to Ban Ban Springs Station
Proponent/company: Australian Pipeline Trust
June 2007
Mt Porter Gold Project
Proponent/company: Arafura Resources NL
March 2007
Victoria Highway Upgrading to Improve Flooding Immunity Gravel/Fill Extraction
Proponent/company: Department of Planning and Infrastructure
December 2006
Frances Creek Open Cut Iron Ore Mine
Proponent/company: Territory Iron Limited
November 2006
Quarantine Waste Treatment Facility
Proponent/company: Darwin Port Corporation
October 2006
Victoria Highway Upgrading to Improving Flooding Immunity
Proponent/company: Department of Planning and Infrastructure
October 2006
McArthur River Mine Open Cut Project
Proponent/company: McArthur River Mining Pty Ltd
August 2006
Andranangoo Creek West and Lethbridge Bay West Mineral Sands Mining Project
Proponent/company: Matilda Minerals Ltd
May 2006
Browns Oxide Project
Proponent/company: Compass Resources NL
May 2006
Blacktip Gas Project
Proponent/company: Woodside Energy and ENI Australia
October 2005
Alice Springs Water Reuse Scheme Soil Aquifier Treatment and Horticulture Schemes
Proponent/company: Power And Water Corporation
June 2005
Aussie Prawns Aquaculture Development
Proponent/company: Aussie Prawns Pty Ltd
May 2005
McArthur River Mine
Proponent/company: McArthur River Mining
February 2005
Abrasive Sands Quarrying Project Harts Range
Proponent/company: Olympia Resources Ltd
January 2005
Biodiesel Plant (East Arm Development Area)
Proponent/company: Natural Fuel Ltd and Vopak Terminal Darwin Pty Ltd
January 2005
Bootu Creek Manganese Project
Proponent/company: Bootu Creek Resources Pty Ltd
October 2004
Darwin City Waterfront
Proponent/company: Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Environment
August 2004
Alcan Gove Alumina Refinery Third Stage Expansion
Proponent/company: Alcan Gove Pty Ltd
July 2004
Point Ceylon (Suntay) Aquaculture Estate
Proponent/company: Suntay Aquaculture
November 2003
Sunrise Gas Project
Proponent/company: Woodside Energy Limited
February 2003
Darwin 10 MTPA LNG Facility Wickam Point
Proponent/company: Phillips Oil Company Australia
May 2002
Ord River Irrigation Scheme Stage 2
Proponent/company: Wesfarmers/Marubeni and Water Corporation of WA
March 2002
NTU Commemorative Lake and Access Road
Proponent/company: NT University
January 2002
Blackmore River (East) Aquaculture Project
Proponent/company: Phelps/Panniza Holdings
June 2001
Liquid Waste Treatment Facility
Proponent/company: NT Resource Recovery
December 2000
Alice Springs East Side Levee Proposal
Proponent/company: Alice Springs Town Council
August 2000
Ord River Irrigation Scheme Stage 2
Proponent/company: Wesfarmers/Marubeni and Water Corporation of WA
August 2000
Maud Creek Oxide Project
Proponent/company: Katherine Mining NL
April 2000
Melville Island - Proposal to Lease 2500 ha for Plantation Forestry
Proponent/company: Tiwi Land Council
February 2000
Darwin Joint Petroleum Terminal
Proponent/company: Sinclair Knight Merz
January 2000
Optic Fibre Cable Marrakai to Kakadu
Proponent/company: Telstra Corporation Ltd
January 2000
Tiwi Islands Forestry Project
Proponent/company: Tiwi Land Council and Silvatech
July 1999
Quest 29 Gold Project
Proponent/company: Sirocco Resources NL
April 1999
Ludmilla Waste Water Treatment Plant and Associated Facilities
Proponent/company: Power and Water Authority
December 1998
Bradshaw Field Training Area
Proponent/company: Department of Justice
July 1998
Jabiluka Mill Alternative
Proponent/company: Energy Resources of Australia Ltd
July 1998
Liquefied Natural Gas Plant and Subsea Pipeline
Proponent/company: Phillips Oil Company Australia
February 1998
Lot A & B (proposed subdivision) Woods Inlet
Proponent/company: Marine Enterprises and Construction
December 1997
Jabiluka Number 2 Uranium Mine
Proponent/company: Energy Resources of Australia Ltd
August 1997
Merlin Diamond Project
Proponent/company: Ashton Mining Limited
August 1997
Rustler's Roost Gold Mine Stage 2
Proponent/company: Rustler's Roost Mining Pty Ltd
August 1997
Burnside Gold Project
Proponent/company: Northern Gold NL
April 1997
Brocks Creek Gold Project
Proponent/company: Soloman Pacific Resources NL
September 1995
Desert Wildlife Park and Botanic Gardens
Proponent/company: Conservation Commission of the NT
September 1994
Darwin Port Expansion East Arm
Proponent/company: NT Department of Transport and Works
February 1994
Union Reef Project
Proponent/company: Shell Company of Australia
December 1993
Cullen Bay Waterfront Estate and Marina
additional dredging from emery Point Sandbar

Proponent/company: Theiss Contractors Pty Ltd
January 1993
Mt Todd Gold Project
Proponent/company: Zapopan NL
January 1993
McArthur River Project Zinc-Lead-Silver
Proponent/company: Mount Isa Mines Limited
August 1992
Woodcutters Mine Tailings Dam
Proponent/company: Nicron Resources
July 1992
Bayview Haven Canal Estate
Proponent/company: Dover Investments
January 1992
Alice Springs Flood Mitigation Dam
Proponent/company: Power and Water Authority
October 1990
Marrakai - Jabiru 132kV Transmission
Proponent/company: Power and Water Authority
December 1988
Cullen Bay Marina
Proponent/company: Darwin Marine Services
March 1988
Pine Creek Gold Mine
Proponent/company: Renison Goldfields Consolidated Ltd
September 1984
Tindal RAAF Base Development
Proponent/company: Department of Defence
June 1984
Woodcutters Silver-Lead-Zinc Mine
Proponent/company: Woodcutters Joint Venture
June 1984
Marrara RAAF Facilities
Proponent/company: Department of Lands
May 1984
Channel Island Power Station (coal fired)
Proponent/company: Northern Territory Electricity Commission
September 1983
Darwin Rendering Plant
Proponent/company: Northern Rendering Pty Ltd
March 1983
Palm Valley Gas Pipeline
Proponent/company: Bulkships Container Pty Ltd
February 1983
Cement and Lime Plant Quarantine Island
Proponent/company: Northern Cement Pty Ltd
January 1983
Mereenie Oil and Gas Field Appraisal Program
Proponent/company: Oilmin Pty Ltd and Magellan Petroleum
June 1981
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