Compliance and regulation

The NT EPA is tasked with promotion of waste avoidance, mitigation, re-use and recycling.

In fulfilling our responsibilities we:

  • provide advice to the Minister on amendments to legislation and policy on waste and pollution
  • work with industry on minimising and eliminating waste and pollution
  • provide information to promote community awareness and understanding of waste and pollution issues
  • provide guidelines and codes of practice on managing waste and pollution
  • provide technical support and education programs in consultation with industry, other government agencies, local government bodies and non-government organisations
  • assess and advise on environmental monitoring programs
  • develop waste management plans and strategies in consultation with local government bodies
  • monitor air and water quality
  • provide advice and assistance on oil spill contingency planning and developing guidelines for the prevention of coastal and marine pollution
  • develop and maintain the NT portion of the Australian Coastal Atlas database function
  • license and approve the following activities: landfills, listed waste handlers, wastewater discharge and LNG/methanol manufacturing
  • undertake enforcement of legislation and require audits of licensed activities and environmental contamination.

The NT EPA administers a range of regulatory mechanisms under the Waste Management and Pollution Control Act 1998:

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