Pollution abatement notices

Pollution Abatement Notices (PANs) may be issued by the NT EPA or its officers, under section 77 or 78 of the Waste Management and Pollution Control Act 1998, to a person who:

  • the NT EPA believes on reasonable grounds has committed or may commit an offence against section 83 (general environmental offence) or has contravened or failed to comply with section 12 (general environmental duty) or
  • who is the owner or occupier of land that is polluted.

A pollution abatement notice may require a person to do any or all of the following within a specified time:

  • to comply with a code of practice or to otherwise comply with the general environmental duty specified in section 12
  • to comply with a requirement of a provision of this Act, other than such a provision that the person is not required to comply with under a compliance plan
  • to prevent an action occurring or continuing to occur, where that action has caused, is causing or may cause pollution resulting in environmental harm or
  • to take remedial action to return polluted land as far as possible to a specified condition that the NT EPA thinks appropriate for the protection of the environment or the use of the land.

The NT EPA is required to cause a Pollution Abatement Notice to be lodged with the Registrar-General for him or her to keep on record in the Register kept by him or her under the Land Title Act 2000.

The NT EPA may amend or revoke a pollution abatement notice. The NT EPA is required to provide a copy of the amendment or revocation to the Registrar-General and the Registrar-General must amend or remove the Pollution Abatement Notice in the Register kept by him or her under the Land Title Act 2000.

Contravention or failure to comply with a PAN may be considered an offence under the Land Title Act 2000.

View the Pollution Abatement Notice(s) and Notice(s) of Amendment or Revocation of a Pollution Abatement Notice issued by the NT EPA.

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