Darwin Pipeline Duplication Project

Proponent: Santos Barossa Pty Ltd, Santos Offshore Pty Ltd and SK E&S Australia Ltd (Santos)


Santos proposes to construct and operate the Darwin Pipeline Duplication (DPD) Project, to allow gas from the Barossa gas field in the Timor Sea, to be transported to Darwin LNG facility. The gas pipeline would be approximately 100km in NT waters, duplicate a section of the existing Bayu-Undan pipeline, and include a shore crossing at Wickham Point in the Greater Darwin Area.

Stage 1: Referral

NT EPA notices

Public consultation

Statutory notice (18 January 2022)

The NT EPA published a statutory notice on 18 January 2022 to invite public comment on a referral for standard assessment, submitted by Santos to construct and operate a 100 km gas pipeline from Darwin to the Barossa gas field in the Timor Sea.

Interested persons were invited to make a submission on 15 February 2022. The NT EPA published the notice in accordance with regulation 52(1) of the Environment Protection Regulations 2020.


Referral Type
Referral form PDF 256.9 KB
Referral main document PDF 16.6 MB
Referral appendices A - I PDF 8.1 MB
Submissions received on the referral Type
Amateur Fishermen's Association of the Northern Territory PDF 245.0 KB
Australian Parents for Climate Action Darwin and NT - volunteer group PDF 175.8 KB
Australian Conservation Foundation PDF 1.8 MB
Jubilee Australia Research Centre PDF 549.1 KB
Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis PDF 521.3 KB
La'o Hamutuk - Timor-Leste Institute for Development Monitoring and Analysis PDF 143.8 KB
Central Australian Frack Free Alliance PDF 94.6 KB
Australian Services Union PDF 855.6 KB
Environment Centre NT PDF 343.6 KB
Doctors for the Environment Australia PDF 872.0 KB
The Australia Institute PDF 225.5 KB
Grusha Leeman PDF 121.2 KB
Julie Fraser PDF 75.2 KB
Anonymous 1 PDF 90.4 KB
Anonymous 2 PDF 356.5 KB
Alice Nagy PDF 88.2 KB
Anonymous 3 PDF 337.1 KB
Group submission PDF 128.5 KB
Anonymous 4 PDF 155.4 KB
Robin Knox PDF 87.7 KB
Anonymous 5 PDF 2.3 MB
Anonymous 6 PDF 249.1 KB
Peta Baillie PDF 83.4 KB
Anonymous 7 PDF 83.8 KB
Anonymous 8 PDF 83.7 KB
Kelly Lee Hickey PDF 88.8 KB
Anonymous 9 PDF 83.0 KB
Karen Edyvane PDF 969.1 KB
Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority PDF 576.2 KB
Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security PDF 1.4 MB
Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade - Fisheries PDF 611.4 KB
Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade - Tourism PDF 580.7 KB
Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics - Lands and Planning PDF 603.4 KB
Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics - Transport and Civil PDF 638.1 KB
Department of the Chief Minister and Cabinet PDF 582.6 KB
Department of Territory Families, Housing and Communities - Heritage Branch PDF 593.1 KB
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