Alice Springs Town Council

The Alice Springs Town Council has submitted an application to the Northern Territory Floodplain Management Committee for funding to construct a protective levee to serve the Eastside area of Alice Springs. The aim is to protect the Eastside from floods up to the 1:100 year flood.

It is proposed to construct a landscaped embankment on the eastern bank of the Todd River along Sturt terrace between Gosse Street and McMinn Street. The embankment will vary in height from 1.9m at Gosse Street, 1.3m at Swartz Crescent, 1.2m at Chewings Street and 0.0m at McMinn Street. These heights provide a freeboard of 300mm to the 1:100 year flood. The road crossing at Swartz Crescent will be controlled by a manually operated floodgate.

To assess the nature and extent of the environmental impacts arising from the proposal and the aim of the proposal is met, the NT Government has determined the assessment should be at the level of a PER. Draft guidelines have been developed for the preparation of the PER.

Alice Springs Eastside Levee Type
PER Guidelines PDF 12.6 KB
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Public Environment Report (PER) PDF 550.2 KB
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