Verdant Minerals Ltd

Verdant Minerals Ltd proposes to develop and operate the Ammaroo Phosphate Project, approximately 200km south-east of Tennant Creek and 300km north-east of Alice Springs, Northern Territory.

In June 2014 the Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority (NT EPA) decided that the Ammaroo Phosphate Project required assessment under the Environmental Assessment Act at the level of Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Terms of reference for the development of an EIS were issued in December 2014.

The draft EIS for the Project underwent a six-week public exhibition period between 28 October 2017 - 8 December 2017. A Supplement to the draft EIS was requested in December 2017 and received in August 2018.

The making of Assessment Report 87 and providing it to the Minister marks the completion of the environmental impact assessment by the NT EPA.

Ammaroo Phosphate Type
Assessment Report PDF 810.1 KB
Supplement to Environmental Impact Statement PDF 10.5 MB
Public Submissions PDF 26.9 MB
Draft Environmental Impact Statement Web Page
Terms of Reference PDF 569.6 KB
Statement of Reasons PDF 1.2 MB
Notice of Intent PDF 3.6 MB
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