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Phelps/Panizza are proposing to construct and operate an aquaculture farm at Blackmore River, Middle Arm. The proposal is intended to be a long-term profitable investment with recognition that the following issues must be carefully managed to sustain the success of the project into the future:

o preservation of the surrounding natural environment;
o formation of an effective workforce, offering job satisfaction and real long-term career prospects for employees;
o operational and cost efficiencies, achieved by well-researched design, professional management and application of modern technology, and;
o the presentation for sale of a consistently high quality product in sufficient quantity to establish a brand of preference in target markets.

Phelps/Panizza have extensively researched the aquaculture industry with study of various existing operations in Australia and abroad. Their research, including aerial surveys of the Darwin region, has led them to choose the Blackmore River site for the production of marine species, mainly the black tiger prawn (Penaeus monodon). Based on primary data, including climate and ocean statistics, Phelps/Panizza has concluded that the Darwin region offers factors optimum for the success of their proposal.

The Northern Territory has been selected for establishment of the aquaculture development for the following reasons:

  • climate conducive to maximum growth of warm water marine species;
  • availability of sufficient land and water resources at cost effective prices;
  • location of Darwin on established trade and freight routes and proximity to South East Asian markets;
  • readily available educated technical workforce, and;
  • supportive government policies.
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