Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Type
Executive Summary PDF 2.0 MB
Glossary PDF 264.8 KB
Abbreviations, Acronyms, Symbols and Units of Measurements PDF 152.2 KB
Invitation to Comment PDF 76.2 KB
Forward PDF 73.9 KB
Contributors PDF 61.5 KB
1 Introduction PDF 474.1 KB
2 Stakeholder Consultation PDF 310.4 KB
3 Existing Natural, Social and Economic Environment PDF 6.6 MB
4 Project Description PDF 2.4 MB
5 Emissions, Discharges and Wastes PDF 413.8 KB
6 Risk Assessment Methodology PDF 418.3 KB
7 Marine Impacts and Management PDF 2.9 MB
8 Terrestrial Impacts and Management PDF 693.7 KB
9 Greenhouse Gas Management PDF 587.3 KB
10 Socio-Economic Impacts and Management PDF 1.3 MB
11 Environmental Management Program and Provisional Management Plans PDF 2.2 MB
12 Commitments Register PDF 235.0 KB
1 Guidelines for Preparation of a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) PDF 2.7 MB
2 Cross Reference of Draft EIS Content with EIS Guidelines (Northern Territory) PDF 160.7 KB
3 Evaluation of Draft EIS Content Against Requirements of the EPBC Act (Commonwealth) PDF 143.3 KB
4 Studies of the Offshore Marine Environment PDF 17.5 MB
5 Description and Validation of Hydrodynamic and Wave Models for Discharges, Spills, Geomorphology and Dredge Spoil Disposal Ground selection (APASA) PDF 4.8 MB
6 Produced Water Discharge Modelling (APASA) PDF 1.6 MB
7 Marine Hydrocarbon Spill Modelling (APASA) PDF 5.2 MB
8 Nearshore Marine Ecology and Benthic Communities Study PDF 13.0 MB
9 Nearshore marine Water Quality and Sediment Study PDF 21.5 MB
10 Wastewater Discharge modelling PDF 2.1 MB
11 Nearshore Geomorphological Modelling PDF 4.2 MB
12 Description and Validation of Hydrodynamic and Wave Models for Dredging and Spoil Disposal PDF 14.8 MB
13 Dredging and Spoil Disposal Modelling PDF 20.9 MB
14 Dredge Spoil Disposal Ground Selection Study PDF 2.5 MB
15 Review of Literature on Sound in the Ocean and on the Effects of Noise on Marine Fauna PDF 4.6 MB
16 Onshore Flora and Fauna Study PDF 3.8 MB
17 Onshore Topography, Geology, Geomorphology and Soils Study PDF 15.7 MB
18 Hydrology and Hydrogeology of Blaydin Point, Darwin PDF 13.8 MB
19 Onshore Air Quality Study PDF 7.9 MB
20 Onshore Airborne Noise Study PDF 3.7 MB
21 Biting Insect Survey of Blaydin Point, Darwin PDF 4.0 MB
22 Traffic Impact Assessment Study PDF 7.0 MB
23 Visual Impact Assessment PDF 23.9 MB
24 Onshore and Nearshore Quantitative Risk Assessment Study PDF 3.3 MB
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