Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Type
Environmental Impact Statement PDF 4.8 MB
A Notice of Intent PDF 9.0 MB
B Economic significance of Australia's Live Export Industry PDF 737.8 KB
C Odour Assessment PDF 1.7 MB
D Risk Assessment Matrix PDF 141.2 KB
E Environmental Management Plan PDF 1.5 MB
F Biting Insects Management Plan PDF 1.1 MB
G Weed Management Plan PDF 1.9 MB
H Solid and Liquid Waste Management Plan PDF 1.1 MB
I Erosion and Sediment Control Plan PDF 1.2 MB
J Flora and Fauna Assessment PDF 593.5 KB
K Cultural Heritage and European Heritage PDF 4.6 MB
L Wellard Rural Livingstone Export Yard Rapid Vegetation Assessment PDF 1.1 MB
M Soil Survey and Land Capability Assessment PDF 10.2 MB
N Geotechnical Assessment PDF 7.0 MB
O Hydrological Assessment PDF 2.0 MB
P Hydrogeological Assessment PDF 1.6 MB
P2 Statement of Bore PDF 16.3 MB
P3 Bore Completion Report PDF 3.2 MB
Q Traffic Study PDF 4.9 MB
R Community Questionnaire Results PDF 1.9 MB
S Wind Roses 9am and 3pm - Darwin PDF 460.3 KB
T Bore Construction Permit PDF 207.6 KB
U Letter to Wellard with Term of Reference Attachment PDF 441.1 KB
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