Draft Environmental Impact Statement Type
Draft Environmental Impact Statement PDF 12.3 MB
C Risk Assessment PDF 78.2 KB
D Construction Environmental Management Plan PDF 1.9 MB
E Stormwater Management Plan - 2CRU PDF 9.5 MB
F Stormwater Management Plan - Muirhead North PDF 9.4 MB
G Biting Insect Report PDF 17.7 MB
H Noise Impact Assessment - 2CRU PDF 7.2 MB
I Noise Impact Assessment - Muirhead North PDF 6.6 MB
J Odour Impact Assessment PDF 8.3 MB
K Traffic Impact Assessment - 2CRU PDF 7.0 MB
L Traffic Impact Assessment - Muirhead North PDF 5.7 MB
M Black-footed Tree-rat Survey Report PDF 10.0 MB
N Report on potential impacts from disturbance to migratory shorebirds in Darwin PDF 1.2 MB
O Water Quality Management Plan PDF 7.8 MB
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