Supplement to the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Type
Main Report PDF 8.9 MB
A MRM Xstrata Personnel Involved PDF 102.5 KB
B Revised Figure 10-2 Regional Catchment Map PDF 4.6 MB
C Revised Figures 10-3, 10-6 to 10-11 PDF 1.6 MB
D Further Assessment and Design Works Program PDF 745.5 KB
E MRM Concept Design and Feasibility Study for Phase 3 Life of Mine Tailings Storage Facility PDF 10.9 MB
F Clay Liner Quality Control and Construction at the NOEF PDF 142.4 KB
G North OEF PAF Cell Development Concept PDF 1.2 MB
H Transport Route Option Evaluation PDF 92.9 KB
I Camp Drainage Project Report PDF 382.2 KB
J Proposed Groundwater Monitoring Bores PDF 487.2 KB
K Extract from Independent Monitors Audit for 2010 Period PDF 1.7 MB
L Extract from Sustainable Development Mining Management Plan PDF 738.0 KB
M Technical Manual for Environmental Monitoring PDF 1.3 MB
N MRM EM34 Geophysical Survey 2011 PDF 4.2 MB
O Groundwater Cross Section Showing Sink PDF 241.4 KB
P Sulphate Trigger Value for MRM Report PDF 1.8 MB
Q Rechannel Rehabilitation Plan PDF 370.2 KB
R Independent Monitor Community Report PDF 1.0 MB
S MRM Phase 3 Development Project - Power Station Location PDF 869.1 KB
T Schematic of Storage Volumes and Catchments PDF 419.5 KB
U Glossary PDF 123.8 KB
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