5.0 Conclusion

Assessment of the PER has identified some issues which will require   attention/clarification by Ashton Mining Limited. These issues can be adequately   addressed through existing regulatory and administrative processes such as the   reviewable Environmental Management Plan.

As a result of this assessment the Department of Mines and Energy will   require Ashton Mining Limited to prepare an Environmental Management Plan (EMP)   for the approval of the Secretary. The EMP will address the 'Commitments' made   by Ashton Mining Limited in the PER and all environmental issues identified as   relevant in this report and Attachment A.

These issues include:

Through the assessment of monitoring results the EMP, or parts thereof, will   be reviewed on a regular basis to assess the performance of management   practices. Adverse trends can be detected before developing into environmental   problems and can be dealt with through appropriate modification to management   practices. The EMP becomes a practical management tool that can be utilised for   environmental audit purposes.

Recommendation 8

Ashton Mining Limited should prepare and submit Mine and   Environmental Management Plans to the Department of Mines and Energy for   approval.

Ashton Mining Limited should operate in accordance with the approved   plans, with these plans being reviewed by the Department on a regular basis.

Prior to commencement of any changes to the Mine Plans or   Environmental Management Plan, Ashton Mining Limited will submit revised plans   for approval.

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