Sinclair Knight Merz has been commissioned by the Department of Transport and Works on behalf of the Northern Territory University to submit a development application and Notice of Intent for construction of a recreational lake, carpark and access road to the University.

The project has been called the Northern Territory University's 10th Anniversary Project and will be the final stage of the University's development. The project entails construction of the following:

  • a lake, weir and associated works;
  • an entry road (Ceremonial Drive);
  • a roundabout, two carparks (northwest and southwest) and bicycle track;
  • a vehicle bridge over the lake;
  • landscape works;
  • lighting; and
  • sewer lines and services.

The development at the Casuarina campus covers part of Lots 9260, 8702 (drainage reserve), 8649 Town of Nightcliff, and vacant Crown Land adjoining Lots 9260 and 8640. The vacant Crown Land is part of Lot 9375 Town of Nightcliff, which is the Casuarina Coastal Reserve. The reserve which has been allocated over lot 9375 is Reserve Number 1677.

NTU Lake and Access Road Type
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