Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Type
Executive Summary PDF 269.2 KB
Table of Contents PDF 34.5 KB
1 Introduction PDF 1.8 MB
2 Project Description PDF 4.6 MB
3 Risk Assessment PDF 2.0 MB
4 Environmental Offsets PDF 322.0 KB
5 EIS Development PDF 346.2 KB
6 Glossary and Acronyms PDF 339.7 KB
7 References PDF 285.6 KB
A NT EPA EIS Guidelines PDF 346.6 KB
B Cross Reference PDF 519.3 KB
C Commitments PDF 441.7 KB
D Environmental Management Plan PDF 3.4 MB
E Erosion and Sediment Control Plan PDF 8.1 MB
F1 Water management Plan PDF 3.1 MB
F2 Groundwater Report PDF 8.2 MB
G Assessment of Potential for Acid Mine Drainage PDF 3.1 MB
H1 Fauna Report PDF 10.9 MB
H2 Flora Report PDF 8.7 MB
H3 Aquatic Report PDF 7.6 MB
I Pest and Weed Management Plan PDF 1.1 MB
J Rehabilitation and Mine Closure Plan PDF 1.4 MB
K1 Provisional Social Impact Management Plan PDF 1.1 MB
K2 Economic and Social Impact Management Plan PDF 948.5 KB
K3 Stakeholder Consultation Report PDF 436.0 KB
L Traffic Management Planl PDF 4.6 MB
M Dust Report PDF 1.2 MB
N Biting Insect Management Plan PDF 941.9 KB
O1 Archaeological Report PDF 12.8 MB
O2 Provisional Cultural Heritage Management Plan PDF 1.2 MB
P Noise Report PDF 3.2 MB
Q Soil Survey Report PDF 7.8 MB
R Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report PDF 654.0 KB
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