The Sunrise Gas Project Joint Venture, operated by Woodside Energy Ltd (Woodside), proposes to develop the Greater Sunrise gas and condensate field which is located in the Timor Sea approximately 450 km north-west of Darwin and 150 km South of East Timor. Investigations indicate that the Greater Sunrise Gas Field has a ‘Scope for Recovery’ in the order of 9 trillion cubic feet of gas and 300 million barrels of condensate.

The Sunrise Gas Project is a joint venture between Woodside (Operator), Phillips STL Pty Ltd, Shell Development (Australia) Pty Ltd and Osaka Gas Australia Pty Ltd. Woodside Energy Ltd is a leading oil and gas company and one of Australia’s most successful explorers, developers, and producers of hydrocarbon products. As a participant in, and Operator of, the North West Shelf Joint Venture, Woodside is directly responsible for the management of offshore and onshore assets worth more than $9 billion. On Western Australia’s North-West Shelf, Woodside operates the North Rankin A and Goodwyn A offshore production platforms, the Cossack Pioneer Floating Production Storage and Offtake (FPSO) facility and the Onshore Gas Plant (OGP) on the Burrup Peninsula.

For the Sunrise Project the EIS document addresses the environmental issues associated with the proposed offshore facilities, potential pipelines and related plant that have the potential to cause biophysical or social effects, or which are known to be of public interest. The document has been prepared to provide the Northern Territory Government, agencies of the Commonwealth of Australia and the public with the information necessary to enable an informed appraisal of the environmental acceptability of the proposed project.

The project is located in the Timor Sea on the outside of the eastern edge of ZOCA ZOCA is the old Zone of Co-operation Area A set down under an agreement between Australia and Indonesia.

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