Finniss Lithium Project BP33 Underground Mine

Proponent: Core Lithium Limited


Core Lithium Limited is proposing to develop and operate an underground lithium mine at the BP33 resource on the Cox Peninsula approximately 33km west of Berry Springs.

The proposal includes the development of the underground mine and associated site infrastructure, a water supply dam, sediment ponds, a run of mine pad, waste rock landforms, a storage and maintenance area, internal access roads and drainage infrastructure.

Ore would be transported in trucks via a 7.5km haul road to the nearby Grants Lithium Project for processing. The proposal will have a four year mine life and a disturbance area of 100.5 hectares of native vegetation within a 535 hectare mineral lease on vacant Crown land.

Stage 1: Referral

NT EPA notices

Public consultation

Statutory Notice 10 July 2020

The NT EPA invites public comment on a referral to develop and operate an underground lithium mine. The referral can be inspected on the NT EPA consultation hub, or obtained by contacting the NT EPA. Interested persons may make a submission by 10 August 2020. The NT EPA gives this notice in accordance with regulation 52(1) of the Environment Protection Regulations 2020.

Referral documents

Referral documents Type
Referral form PDF 411.1 KB
Referral supporting document PDF 7.9 MB
Appendix A – Geochemical characterisation report PDF 2.1 MB
Appendix B – Ecology report PDF 3.5 MB
Appendix C – Surface hydrology and flood inundation report PDF 3.1 MB
Appendix D – Desktop groundwater study PDF 1.1 MB
Appendix E – Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority Certificate - Redacted
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