Supplement to Environmental Impact Statement Type
Main Report PDF 23.5 MB
S1 Benthic Environment - Inbertebrate, Fauna, Habitats and Impacts PDF 1.7 MB
S2 Marine Hyrocarbon Spill Modelling PDF 5.6 MB
S3 Literature Review of Seabirds PDF 444.1 KB
S4 Gunn Reef Blue Holes and Howard River - Water Quality and Coral Survey PDF 6.2 MB
S5 Simulated Dredge Material Impacts on Barramundi PDF 2.9 MB
S6 Benthic Habitat Mapping PDF 1.4 MB
S7 Underwater Noise Impacts on Senstive Marine Fauna PDF 1.9 MB
S8 Potential Impacts on Mud Crabs PDF 1.2 MB
S9 Long-term Water Quality for Darwin Harbour PDF 1.5 MB
S10 Assessment of Marine Heritage Survey Methods PDF 2.1 MB
S11 Survey Methods Submerged Maritime Heritage PDF 2.9 MB
S12 Dolphin Surveys in the Middle Arm and West Arm of Darwin Harbour PDF 8.5 MB
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