Supplement to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Type
EIS Supplement Response sorted by Proponent PDF 1.2 MB
EIS Supplement Response sorted by Topic PDF 1.2 MB
A Waste Rock Dump Flux Chart PDF 487.6 KB
B Waste Rock Dump Design Drainage Evaluation PDF 1.2 MB
C Comparison Table Between CDA (2007) and ANCOLD (2012) Guidelines PDF 74.9 KB
D Mt Todd Goldsim Water Balance Model - An Introduction PDF 163.6 KB
E Preliminary Waste Rock Management Plan Evaluation PDF 221.4 KB
F Preliminary Feasibility Study - Water Treatment Plant PDF 2.2 MB
G Fish Passage Requirement PDF 503.2 KB
H Reporting relating to Air Quality assessment PDF 792.3 KB
I Responses relation to Surface Water assessment PDF 273.7 KB
J Revised Regional Vegetation Types between Katherine and Pine Creek PDF 3.3 MB
K Gouldian Finch Habitat PDF 1.6 MB
L Surface Water Assessment Hydrology PDF 3.7 MB
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