Draft Environmental Impact Statement Type
Table of Contents PDF 565.5 KB
Glossary PDF 525.2 KB
Executive Summary PDF 3.0 MB
1 Introduction PDF 2.6 MB
2 Legislative Framework PDF 489.5 KB
3 Project Description and Justification PDF 23.6 MB
4 Decommissioning, Rehabilitation and Closure PDF 2.3 MB
5 Project Alternatives PDF 3.9 MB
6 Materials Characterisation PDF 5.7 MB
7 Project Risk Management PDF 1.4 MB
8 Water Resources PDF 25.2 MB
9 Biodiversity PDF 4.0 MB
10 Matters of National Environmental Significance PDF 2.0 MB
11 Cultural Heritage PDF 2.4 MB
12 Socio-Economic Environment PDF 2.9 MB
13 Air Quality PDF 23.1 MB
14 Health and Safety PDF 1018.4 KB
15 Environmental Management Plan PDF 710.3 KB
16 References PDF 517.4 KB
A Terms of Reference PDF 391.1 KB
B Terms of Reference Cross Reference Table PDF 514.1 KB
C EIS Project Team PDF 342.1 KB
D Climate Change Assessment Methodology PDF 1.3 MB
E Conceptual Model Report PDF 15.9 MB
F Failure Modes and Effects Analysis Report PDF 1.7 MB
G Final Risk Assessment Workshop Report PDF 2.7 MB
H NOEF Historical Construction and Drilling Report PDF 5.7 MB
I MRM NOEF 7.5m Assessment Case Report PDF 677.4 KB
J-1 NOEF Cover System Landform Design Report - Part 1 PDF 12.8 MB
J-2 NOEF Cover System Landform Design Report - Part 2 PDF 29.0 MB
K Erosion Assessment for OEF Landform Configurations PDF 17.4 MB
L Kinetic Geochemistry Report PDF 2.9 MB
M Static Geochemistry Report PDF 5.4 MB
N Geotechnical Assessment Report PDF 9.0 MB
O NOEF Closure Monitoring System Report PDF 4.9 MB
P NOEF Mine Drainage Report PDF 22.6 MB
Q NOEF Mitigation Options Report PDF 16.8 MB
R-1 TSF - Life of Mine Plan (Part 1) PDF 32.7 MB
R-2 TSF - Life of Mine Plan (Part 2) PDF 28.0 MB
R-3 TSF - Life of Mine Plan (Part 3) PDF 17.4 MB
S Conceptual Mine Closure Plan PDF 27.4 MB
T-1 Groundwater Impact Assessment Report (Part 1) PDF 29.1 MB
T-2 Groundwater Impact Assessment Report (Part 2) PDF 32.6 MB
T-3 Groundwater Impact Assessment Report (Part 3) PDF 26.0 MB
T-4 Groundwater Impact Assessment Report (Part 4) PDF 32.7 MB
T-5 Groundwater Impact Assessment Report (Part 5) PDF 29.3 MB
T-6 Groundwater Impact Assessment Report (Part 6) PDF 31.2 MB
T-7 Groundwater Impact Assessment Report (Part 7) PDF 27.5 MB
U-1 Surface Water Impact Assessment Report (Part 1) PDF 22.1 MB
U-2 Surface Water Impact Assessment Report (Part 2) PDF 31.8 MB
V Final Void Limnology Assessment Report PDF 1.5 MB
W Aquatic Ecology Impact Assessment Report PDF 6.6 MB
X Terrestrial Ecology Impact Assessment Report PDF 14.9 MB
Y Stakeholder Consultation Report PDF 32.8 MB
Z Economic Impact Assessment Report PDF 465.2 KB
AA Air Quality Impact Assessment Report PDF 12.3 MB
AB EIS Commitments PDF 502.7 KB
AC Tailings Deposition into Open Pit Consolidation Modelling PDF 5.8 MB
AD NOEF Surface Water Management Sediment Dams and Stilling Basins PDF 4.4 MB
AE Borrow Pit and NOEF Subsoil Drainage Designs PDF 15.5 MB
AF Spontaneous Combustion Technical Report PDF 2.1 MB
AG Borrow Pit Design Process Guidelines PDF 469.8 KB
AH MRM Clay Borrow Areas PDF 16.3 MB
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