Draft Environmental Impact Statement Type
Main Report PDF 17.0 MB
A - O Appendices A - O PDF 29.9 MB
A Study Guidelines PDF 2.0 MB
B Meteorological Data PDF 887.2 KB
C Descriptions of Land Systems PDF 4.6 MB
D Soils PDF 4.0 MB
E Surface Water Monitoring PDF 2.7 MB
F Groundwater Data PDF 2.5 MB
G Terrestrial Flora PDF 4.8 MB
H Terrestrial and Aquatic Fauna PDF 2.7 MB
I Risk Assessment Concept PDF 576.7 KB
J Hazardous Substances PDF 669.0 KB
K Biota Heavy Metal Levels PDF 760.7 KB
L Hydrodymanic Numerical Model PDF 7.7 MB
M Geotechnical Testing of Tailings and Waste Rock PDF 993.0 KB
N Study Team PDF 535.2 KB
O Organisations and Persons Consulted PDF 101.5 KB
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