TNG Limited

TNG Ltd is proposing to develop and operate the Mt Peake Project, a polymetallic (titanium, vanadium, iron) mine, located approximately 235 km north-northwest of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory (NT).

The Proponent initially submitted a Notice of Intent for the Project to the former NT Department of Natural Resources, Environment and the Arts in September 2013. The then Minister decided that the Project required assessment under the Environmental Assessment Act (EA Act) at the level of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The draft EIS for the Project underwent a six-week public exhibition period between 13 Feb 2016 and 25 March 2016. A Supplement to the draft EIS was requested in April 2016 and received in April 2017. Additional Information was requested to the Proponent in May 2017 and received by the NT EPA on November 2017.

The project is a controlled action under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) and is being assessed through an accredited assessment process. The relevant controlling provision is listed threatened species and communities (section 18 and 18A).

The making of Assessment Report 85 and providing it to the Minister marks the completion of the environmental impact assessment by the NT EPA.

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