Proponent: Fortune Agribusiness Funds Management Pty Ltd


Fortune Agribusiness Funds Management Pty Ltd proposes to develop:

  • 3,300 hectares of annual and perennial crop production on Singleton Station
  • staged annual groundwater abstraction up to 40,000 megalitres
  • accommodation for workers and
  • infrastructure to support the farming operations.

The Proposal is to be developed in four stages over nine years, with construction for stage one proposed to commence in mid-2023 and full operation proposed to be reached in 2036 when all trees and vines have reached maturity.

Stage 1: Referral

Public consultation

Please refer to the NT EPA consultation page.


Referral Type
Referral form PDF 906.4 KB
Referral main document PDF 17.9 MB
Appendix A EPA Risk Assessment PDF 248.7 KB
Appendix B Waste Management Strategy PDF 3.1 MB
Appendix C Biodiversity Assessment Report PDF 13.3 MB
Appendix D Crop trials and market analysis PDF 841.9 KB
Appendix E Groundwater extraction allocation PDF 5.3 MB
Appendix F Site establishment plan and erosion and sediment control framework PDF 2.3 MB
Appendix G Groundwater Monitoring and Adaptive Management Plan PDF 3.1 MB
Appendix H Hazardous Material Management Plan PDF 330.3 KB
Appendix I Social Impact Assessment PDF 4.4 MB
Appendix J Economic Assessment PDF 965.1 KB
Appendix K Land Types and Land Suitability on part of Singleton Station PDF 4.1 MB
Appendix L Salinity Assessment PDF 3.6 MB
Appendix M Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem Mapping - Veg model validation PDF 3.1 MB
Appendix M Figures 1 to 5 PDF 9.1 MB
Appendix M Figures 6 to 9 PDF 12.2 MB
Appendix N Stygofauna Impact Assessment PDF 10.9 MB
Appendix N Figures 1 to 6 PDF 9.4 MB
Appendix N Figures 7 to 12 PDF 6.9 MB
Appendix N Figures 12 to 19 PDF 7.8 MB
Appendix N Appendix A Figures 4 - 7 PDF 8.6 MB
Appendix N Appendix A Figures 7 - 11 PDF 15.6 MB
Appendix O AAPA Certificate (redacted)
Appendix P Cultural Heritage Impact Assessment Report (redacted in part) PDF 7.4 MB
Appendix Q Stormwater Management Plan PDF 4.6 MB
Appendix R Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem Mapping and Borefield Design PDF 18.1 MB
Appendix S Singleton Horticulture Proposal Baseline Flood Assessment PDF 4.9 MB
Appendix T Surface Water Management Plan for Horticultural Development PDF 5.3 MB
Appendix U GHG Assessment PDF 4.5 MB
Appendix V Traffic Management Plan PDF 1.9 MB
Appendix W Climate Change Risk Assessment PDF 3.1 MB
Appendix X Decommission Plan PDF 322.0 KB
Appendix Y Cloud GMS groundwater modelling summary PDF 1.3 MB
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