Supplement to Environmental Impact Statement Type
Executive Summary PDF 469.7 KB
Table of Contents PDF 246.9 KB
1 Introduction PDF 331.8 KB
2 EIS Clarifications PDF 412.7 KB
3 Common Stakeholder Responses PDF 3.7 MB
4 Summary of Project Changes PDF 343.4 KB
5 Potential Environmental Impact of Project Changes PDF 371.5 KB
6 Simplified Project Description PDF 14.0 MB
7 Draft EIS Stakeholder Comments and MRM Responses PDF 18.0 MB
8 Progress Reporting Against EIS Commitments PDF 1.5 MB
9 Summary and Conclusions PDF 305.6 KB
10 References PDF 364.4 KB
A Stakeholder Submissions PDF 21.3 MB
B Final Void Closure Process PDF 3.4 MB
C Assessment of the Complete Backfill Options PDF 1.3 MB
D Pit Lake Closure with Strategic Riverine Connectivity PDF 2.0 MB
E Updated Geotechnical Report PDF 16.3 MB
F NOEF Temperature Updated PDF 1.7 MB
G GSL Cover Design Report PDF 873.5 KB
H Geosynthetic Liner Design Details PDF 1.5 MB
I-1 Updated Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) Life of Mine (LOM) Plan - Part 1 PDF 33.5 MB
I-2 Updated Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) Life of Mine (LOM) Plan - Part 2 PDF 26.8 MB
I-3 Updated Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) Life of Mine (LOM) Plan - Part 3 PDF 27.1 MB
J Aquatic Fauna Update Report PDF 938.3 KB
K Revised NOEF Unsaturated Flow (TOUGH 2) Report PDF 12.4 MB
L Revised Groundwater Modelling Report PDF 28.9 MB
M Updated Mine Pit Lake Modelling Report PDF 11.3 MB
N Updated Water Balance and Waterways Modelling Report PDF 19.4 MB
O Revised Limnology Study PDF 2.1 MB
P Revised Tailings Consolidation Report PDF 264.6 KB
Q Stakeholder Consultation Report PDF 4.7 MB
R Adaptive Management Report PDF 3.3 MB
S Weed Management Plan PDF 5.9 MB
T Revegetation Management Plan PDF 2.6 MB
U Fairy Wren Translocation Plan PDF 9.7 MB
V Saline Impact Monitoring Plan PDF 567.4 KB
W Ecotoxicology Foward Work Program PDF 407.5 KB
X Spontaneous Combustion Forward Work Program PDF 213.6 KB
Y Trial Pad Design Work Program PDF 2.4 MB
Z McArthur River Geomorphology / Load / Sediment Deposition - Forward Work Program PDF 3.7 MB
AA TSF Load Assessment Forward Work Program PDF 487.3 KB
AB NOEF Cover System Trial Design Report PDF 1.8 MB
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